Founded in 2013, Texas Latina List is a progressive political action committee committed to promoting and increasing active participation of Latinas at all levels of elected and appointed offices, including public boards and commissions; and, we encourage participation in all realms of the political process for the enhancement of public policies that empower Latinas, our families, and our communities.

Texas Latina List endorses and financially supports candidates. Since its founding, Texas Latina List raised over $20,000 and endorsed a dozen candidates for local and statewide positions, establishing itself as the premiere Latina Political Action Committee in Texas.

Texas Latina List is a progressive, statewide Political Action Committee started by a group of Latinas from North Texas.

"The Texas Latina List is the only statewide PAC focused exclusively on increasing progressive Latina political representation."

We are committed to promoting the active participation of Latinas at all levels of elected and appointed offices across Texas. We screen and endorse candidates, then support them financially, which is what Latinas need early on to get elected.  Strategy: Encourage the Democratic Party to recruit and support Latina candidates through financial resources and to engage with female and minority voters. This will create a cohesive networking opportunity for politically-minded individuals that support our mission. Our work requires a collective effort, and we believe it is a key component in the fight to turning Texas blue.